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TacomaRoofcare.com Services
Gentle Cleaning Services
Residential Services
Commercial Services
Residential Services:

Roof Gentle Low Pressure - High Volume Roof Moss & Algae Removal
Siding Solution Pre - Soak Treatment and Low Pressure Washing
Wood & Deck Pre - Treatment and High Pressure Washing + Sealing or Staining.
Graffiti Chemical Treatment and High Pressure Washing Remediation.
Bird Prevention and Cleaning - Installations of Bird Barriers and Bird Spikes.
​Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Shield Installation and Parts.
Fence Green Clean Pre - Soak and Power Washing + Repair and Installation.
Coy Pond Hand Cleaning and Treatment.
Gazebo Algae Scale Removal and Re - Staining or Painting.
Waterproofing Treatments for Cedar Shake Roofs and Decks.
Cedar Roof Restoration, Treatments and Coatings.

Commercial Services:

High Rise Commercial Building and Dome Cleaning Services
​Fleet Washing Pre - Soak Grease and Alloy Cleaner.
​Graffiti Chemical Treatment and High Pressure Washing Remediation.
Gum Removal with Heated Chemical High Pressure Power Washing
Pool Draining and Algae, Black Slime High Pressure Washing
Military Pre Screened Employee Cleared Professional Service - Same Day.
Bank & Reatauraunt Drive-Thu High Pressure Oil and Gas Heated Chem Clean
Parking Lot High Power Surface Cleaning With Rotary Cleaner.
Hotel Pre - Soak Medium Pressure, High Volume Siding and Window Cleanings.
Plane No - Chem Medium Pressure High Volume Detailing.
Home Owners Associations - Discounts on Volume.
Restaurant Hood Vent High Pressure Low Volume Compact Unit Cleaning
Amusement Park and Playground Special Chem Free, Green & Clean Program.
Hospital High Rise Window and Building Maintenance Steam Clean.
Parking Garages. Free Storm Silt Screens Installed to Prevent Toxic Runoff.

Professional Construction Services

Roof Certifications
Roof Replacement
Roof Repairs
Window Installations

Gentle Roof Cleaning 4/12 

Sidewalk And Driveway       

Fence and Deck                   

Cedar Shake Roof              

Fleet Washing                     

Graffiti Removal                   

Gum Removal                     

Cedar & Vinyl Siding          

Gutter Cleaning                

Pool Washing                

Drive Thrus                        

Hood Vents                     

Parking Lots                     

Amusement Parks             

Commercial Bldgs             

Hotels and High Rises 
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Will Pressure Washing Ruin My Roof!

Contrary to local myths pressure washing your roof will not cause leaks or denigrate the life of the roof. Why! Well the key is by using low pressure, experience, and lots of volume. Let me explain! Pre - Soaking a roof loosens the Moss, mold, and algae. Then with the correct equipment we use low pressure, and high volumes of water to push the debris off of the roof, while keeping the wand at just the right distance from the roofing material. Our equipment is designed with adjustable regulators and controls, to limit the flow and pressure coming out of the machine. These are not your everyday retail machines bought locally they are meant for  Professional use. We use the latest technologies and advancements in the commercial cleaning industry and "Guarantee" best results.
What Is The Black Stuff On My Roof!

Algae, Moss, and Lichen are typical to all roofing types in NW Washington. Typically Algae will grow on the north side of roofs and structures. Traditional asphalt shingles are constructed from limestone, a key ingredient in the growth of the black slime also known as (Gloeocapsa Magma). As the black slime mutates to mold and moss the lichen will attach itself to the grit of the roofing shingles, porous tiles, and pitted shakes causing the roofing surface to break down. Algae stained roofing is easily cleaned with low pressure high volume pressure washing. Bleach can effectively neutralize the growth of mold on a roof however it is a highly caustic chemical and should be used sparingly by homeowners. We do not use these chemicals as they will harm you vegetation and animals. We use green clean chemicals.
Will Streaks Be Left On My Windows!

All windows are squeegee cleaned after the cleaning is completed. We will tarp off any gardens and vegetation from the fallout of the roof or cleaning structure. In the summer months plants and trees will be hose washed to protect against tarp burn. Once the service is completed we will render a field sheet for you to sign off on and feedback form to let us know how our employees did. Pre soaking of the siding and roof will not harm you plants and pets. The green clean cleaners used by Tacoma Roof care are diluted to safe levels before cleaning commences. We are a satisfaction guaranteed business so if you are dissatisfied for any reason we will offer a full refund.. Our team has been the market leader in Power Safe Cleaning Practices and is also a roofing specialist in the Seattle Tacoma area for over fifteen years, BBB accredited.
Tacoma & Seattle Roofing Services
​Tacoma roof care has been taking care of our roof for 10 yrs now, when they send the crew out they are always careful to not disturb our garden and planters. The neighbors always say how good the roof looks after they leave and are impressed on how fast they work. They do a quick walk through when they are done and make sure everything is up to snuff, Thanks Guys!

Justin Carol

I have had some real nasty experiences with roofers and contractors lately so i was not expecting much from the estimator, but when troy came out to give me and my husband a bid he explained what he would do in great detail. He was on time and answered every question we had. He was surprisingly honest and nice. Refreshing! Anyways, just wanted to say thank you Tacoma Roof Care.

Belinda Neuburger

We are very pleased with our experience with your company. We were impressed by your attention to detail and punctuality. The quality of work is excellent and I will recommend your company to friends.

Robert F. Lammert

Ed Kamenar

Your promptness in coming to my home to give me an appraisal was great. Your workman was professional and courteous. You did a great job cleaning up afterwards which was important. Most of all, my roof, which had leaked, been fixed, and leaked again several times by several firms is finally repaired with an outstanding product, an attractive appearance and no leaks at all. I am very happy with the work. Thanks Troy.

Elena Vassilieva

Better Prices Faster Service "Guaranteed"
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